Starz Foundation
We Serve...We Care...We Love...


What are we?

Starz Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation registered under "Society Registration Act (No. XXI of 1860)" working with its enriched mission & vision for the betterment of society & mankind. In other words, it’s a platform to put one step forward towards a world free of hunger & illiteracy.

Our Vision & Mission:

Help is a hand which makes the other's hand a workable one. Eradicating illiteracy, exterminating slums and pouring resources to an inept one is our unconstructive mission. Our vision is to establish a society free of child illiteracy, child labour and child abuse. For which, we look forward with the help of your philanthropic possession towards our foundation.

Our Logo speaks:

Two kids holding a torch in the centre of our logo. It signifies that they will lighten up the darkest side of the society as a Ray of Hope by their work and one day they will become stars of everyone's life. Enclosing of our logo with Laurel leaves signifies prosperity for our work. Also our name &registration number is depicted in our logo. We believe that every child is special & our missionary Endeavour is to protect them from illiteracy & poverty of the society.

Journey So Far:

I’m Abhijit Sahu, a native of Balasore from the state of Odisha. After completing my intermediate studies I got admitted at Ravenshaw University to pursue my graduation. During those days I got to travel by train very frequently without missing a single weekend & holidays. Although the travel of 150 odd minutes was comfortable, the scene of small kids begging for food & money was heart breaking. Often the passengers avoid such poor & miserable kids which put a question mark on those moral values & humanity that we are taught in our childhood. I used to donate a little amount from my pocket money but that was not satisfactory for me. One fine day on my way back to home I was cultivating my mind for some solution to the biggest problem of Child illiteracy, Child labour & Child abuse. An idea struck into my mind which aimed at collecting a portion of pocket money from likeminded people and to channelize that fund for child developmental work through an organized platform. I shared this idea with my younger sister Abhijita and got an overwhelming response which further reinforced my idea. I created a Facebook group named Star Charity and added 5 of my intimate friends named Milap Tak, Anindita Kundu, Samsad Khan, Abhik Nayak & Sani Joseph. An unconditional support from my friends circle to contribute an affordable portion of pocket money gave rise to the platform named Star Charity. On 28th May, 2014 it started with only 7 members and gradually with the word of mouth spreads it raised to 100+members in 2017. To recognize our platform as a Not-profit charitable organization we have registered as per recommended legal procedure on February, 2016. Meanwhile our members’ network covers not only the top cities of Odisha but also Kolkata & its nearby areas. Through various drives we have implemented our initiatives and under one platform we are serving with real happiness. We are experiencing the small changes which further propagate us to work more enthusiastically. To achieve our goals I seek your support to be a part of the initiative. Together we can achieve the true essence of our tagline- We Love…We Serve…We Care…